JobDash: a job hunter’s best friend

How did I reorganize my job search and finally land amazing employment? JobDash was instrumental to revitalizing my job search, giving me to the tools to stay on top of my job hunt without losing my mind in the process! | An Aspiring Heroine

Perhaps it’s because normal summer vacation is coming to an end. Or maybe finally feeling settled in Cincy has brought it on. Either way, being a not-quite-yet-employed recent college graduate hadn’t bothered me too much… until about a month ago. I’ve been checking job postings online and making connections on LinkedIn for months, but come June, it felt like someone had lit a fire under my butt. I went a bit insane, writing cover letters, applying for every job I came across, and after a few days, I realized that my frenzy had resulted in a whole lot of disorganization that was probably hurting my chances more than helping them.

Luckily for me, I stumbled across JobDash shortly after having this most encouraging thought, and it has been my saving grace. JobDash is way more than a job search site; it has completely reorganized, refocused, and rejuvenated my job search process. It keeps me on a strict schedule for each separate job that I add while also assisting me in the job research and keeping track of my separate resumes and cover letters.

Adding a Job in JobDash

Here’s an example of how to add a job to your JobDash profile. Let’s pretend we’re applying for a Blogger position with Thrive in 1455.

Job Dash

Put all of the important information regarding the job into the form, including:

  • Required education/experience
  • Job posting/application link
  • Salary
  • Job title and responsibilities

Then you can decide which resume to use based on the job specifications.

JobDash will keep you on schedule with applying, following up, interviewing, pretty much every little aspect of the normally frustrating job application process. With JobDash, it feels like I’m spending less time out of my day on my job search and getting better and more recognizable results.

Free Job Coaching

JobDash also has other cool features like a whole “Coach” section that provides great tips for snagging a job that you’ll love. Do you have a 30-second elevator pitch of your brand?¬† Are you fully utilizing social media in your job search? The JobDash modules gave me a great refresher course to really focu on what I want out of a job. It has seriously been a godsend for me, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone looking for employment.

Have you ever used JobDash or a similar website? What are your best tips for job hunters?

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